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21.03.2012 [14:14]
Among living Swedish artists, the work of Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd (born 1934) is perhaps the most recognizable. His signature piece is entitled Non-violence. A bronze sculpture of a pistol with its barrel tied in a knot, it stands outside the United Nations headquarters in New York and can also be seen at several other locations around the world, including Stockholm, Malmö, Gothenburg, Berlin and Beijing. It is a tribute to John Lennon.

Before going out in Sweden you must make sure you come prepared meaning bring some identification. Swedish bars and nightclubs are notorious for enforcing strict age limits on the door. While the majority of places have a minimum age limit of 18, some have been known to permit entry to nobody over 27!

Stockholm and Gothenburg is where its at as they are the country’s largest cities, particularly during the summer months. As the country gets bitterly cold winters, socialising isn’t that much fun in winter. But once summer time comes all the bars and restaurants get livelier and the nightlife becomes far more vibrant, spilling out on to the city’s footpaths.