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21.03.2012 [14:21]
Stockholm lies on the Swedish East Coast, between Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea. The city centre is built on fourteen islands. The climate is varied because of the sharp difference between summer and winter daylight time. The capital of Sweden (776,000 population) is the site of National Government and the residence of King Carl Gustaf XVI.

Helsingborg, the second largest city in Skåne, is located on the south-western coast of Sweden. Known as the ‘Pearl of the Oresund’, this is Sweden’s closest entry point to Denmark and is situated on the northern side of the Oresund strait. Winter is the best time to take in the beauty of the scenic coastal locales and rich heritage of Helsingborg.

Uppsala is the fourth largest city in Sweden and is located about 70 km north of Stockholm.The city is situated amidst fertile flatlands, surrounded by lush vegetation. The beautiful Fyris River adds to the charm of this picturesque landscape. Uppsala has four distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Spring and summer are the best time to visit with temperatures ranging from 5 to 30 °C. Winters are extremely cold with temperatures ranging from –5 to –30 °C.

Lund is the seat of the Lund Municipality, Skåne County in southern Sweden. It is the country’s second oldest town and is well known as a ‘Cathedral and University city’.

This climate here is much more favourable than in other areas in Sweden. With mild winters and warm summers, any time is ideal for a visit.

Though Lund became an important Roman Catholic centre in the twelfth century, it was badly destroyed by the Danish-Swedish conflicts in the seventeenth century. Thereafter, it was taken over by the Swedes and the University of Lund was set up in 1668.

Kiruna, in Norrbotten County, Norrland, is located in northern Sweden and is the largest town in Swedish Lapland. Area wise, it is the second largest municipality in the world (about 20,000 sq km) and is half the size of Switzerland. The mountain Kebnekaise, lying to the west of Kiruna, is Sweden’s highest mountain.

Landskrona is the seat of the Landskrona Municipality in Skåne County, Sweden. It is a seaport located on the eastern side of the Öresund and is its only natural harbour. Landskrona experiences mild winters and warm summers.